Someone you know been arrested in Casper, Natrona County, WY?

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Has someone you know been arrested over the weekend or week night, and currently waiting for a bond to be set in Casper, WY? If so, here’s a few pointers that could help you through the process.

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For the purpose of this article we will be discussing those who ave been charged with a crime for which has been filed through the Natrona County Circuit Court, Casper, Wy.  Should the person be charged through any of the Municipal Courts like Evansville, Casper, or Mills, they will already have bonds set by that Municipalities Bond Schedule.

Instead we will be talking specifically about those who have been charged with a crime and who are currently being detained without bond and being charged with a crime in Natrona County.

If you are like most people, currently faced with this situation, you may have already done much of your research and found out that from here it is just a bit of a waiting game.  However, as we say, the better informed the better you are.  This is not to be construed as legal advice in any manner, we only bring this information as it has applied to our professional experience through out our course of doing business in Casper.

If they were arrested during a weeknight.

If the person you know was arrested during a weeknight, this person will actually see a the Judge the very next day,excluding holidays, at the Natrona County Circuit Court, 115 N. Center Street Casper, WY for a scheduled hearing at 2:00 p.m. for their Initial Appearance or Circuit Court Arraignment.  At this very point, the person will be called upon by the Judge and informed of their Constitutional Rights, as well as, informed of the charges for which are being filed against them.  Also, this is an open Court Hearing, and anyone is welcome to come.  You should remember to bring your Court Room manners and appearance, also, there are no cellphones, weapons, or other electronic devices allowed inside the building without the approval of the Court, so leave them in your vehicle.  Parking is limited, so you should plan on arriving early if you would like a good parking spot.

Now if the person is being charged with a felony, they will not be arraigned, but they will be informed of their rights, the charges against them, and a bond will be set.  Unfortunately, it is not until this point that you will actually know the exact bond/bail amount.  However, if you were to call and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area, they often can inform you or give you a relative estimate of what the bond might be for the current charges at hand.  As well, most bail bond companies can provide you with these estimates also.

We recommend that you do call an speak to an attorney as soon as possible.  The attorney could possibly make it there for the Initial Appearance or Circuit Court Arraignment for the Defendant and help with any bond recommendations, in most instances an attorney can argue a lower or reduced bond for the Defendant, and they may even be able to get the Defendant what is called a Personal Recognizance bond, which can be explained in an earlier article here.

If you are unable to obtain an attorney on such short notice, we recommend that you not stop there, and instead go ahead and make your next move and call a local Bail Company.  Many of the companies in the Casper area are professional and knowledgeable, and can help you with some things, like filling in any gaps of things you may not know at the time.  They may also be able to ease your mind a bit by giving you a rough estimate of what the bond might be, even recommend what your next step should be, and often times they will even go to Court with you to hear what the bond will be set at, even though they will not be able to provide any advice in Court beyond that.  Even if there may not be a bond set yet, by calling a local bondsman, they can inform you of how much they think the bond might be, get you set up and pre-approved for a bond, as well as provide you with any knowledge and experience they may have for your situation.

If the person is being charged with a misdemeanor they will actually be arraigned the next day at 2:00 p.m.. The Judge will have them make a plea for their charges, and from there the rest of their case can go in many different directions dependent on what theyplea.  If they plea ‘Not Guilty’ then their case will be continued until a later date, and a bond will be set.  If they plea ‘Guilty’ the case may go a couple of different ways from there.  First, the Judge will find that there is probable evidence to find the Defendant guilty, and from there the Judge and State may proceed with sentencing or they may continue sentencing to a later date.  If they decide to proceed with sentencing, well, there’s not much you can do at that point, the Defendant will be sentenced and there could potentially be jail time involved.  But if they decide to proceed with sentencing at a later date then there is a very good chance that they could set a bond for the Defendant and the Defendant could be released on bond while awaiting sentencing.  For more information regarding bond settings click here.

If they were arrested during the weekend.

If the person you know happen to be arrested over the weekend then it is good to know that it works much of the same way as it does during the week, except that there is one big difference and that is the person will have a bond set sometime over the weekend, without first having to see the Judge. In Wyoming, a person being charged with a crime is to have a bond set withing 72 hours of being arrested. You can read more regarding this rule here. The standard procedure for those being arrested in Natrona County is that the Judge will call in and set bonds for everyone sometime over the weekend, typically Sunday afternoons or evenings.  Unless a holiday falls on a Monday, and then they may call in earlier or more times throughout the weekend.   It is also good to know that even though the person may have a bond set over the weekend, it is from our experience that the bond is usually higher than what it would be if the person were to make their initial appearance, see the Judge, and have a bond set.  Meaning, though it is not guaranteed, even though they may have bond set, if you were to wait until they make their initial appearance there is a good chance that their bond may be reduced and you could potentially save lots of money.  However, there is also the chance that it could go up, which doesn’t seem to happen as often as the bond going down does, and there is usually a very good reason as to why it does go up.

In any situation, you should first seek the advice of an attorney.  From there you can seek the help and advice from an experienced, professional, and licensed bail bondsman in Wyoming.  This is what they do for a living and could possibly help you through many of the uncertainties you may have.  Remember to seek the advice from that of a licensed attorney and a licensed bail bondsman only.  You may verify any Wyoming attorney licensing status at, and you may also verify any Wyoming Bail bondsman license at  Anyone practicing law in the State of Wyoming must appointed/licensed through the Wyoming State BAR, and any individual ‘selling, soliciting or negotiating’ Bail Bonds in Wyoming must be licensed through the Wyoming Department of Insurance.

For more information regarding Bail in Wyoming read a full article regarding bail in Wyoming here, or give us a call at (307) 216-BAIL, (307) 216-2245, or stop by and see us (Wyoming Bail Agency), at 140 E. Midwest Ave Casper, WY 82601.

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