About Wyoming Bail Agency in Casper, WY

About Wyoming Bail Agency in Casper, WY

Wyoming Bail Agency was established in July 10, 2015 - the same day Wyoming officially became a state in 1890. Formed on the core principle that everyone deserves true, fair and equal treatment while awaiting trial.

Wyoming Bail Agency is accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Wyoming and Colorado, and we've helped countless Wyoming residents arrange for bail and to be released while waiting trial, rather than being detained for what may be a senseless, un-imposed, amount of time. We're the only bail bond company in the state that allows you to 'fully' arrange bail electronically.

Speed up the bonding process by ensuring you have the defendant's:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Charges and the court they've been filed in
  • Jail or detention center they're in
  • Full amount of the bond

Contact us to arrange for bail release today.

We hope to never see you again

Our goal is to only see you out and about, as happy as can be, on a blessed day - we'd rather not have to meet at the Jail again. If we never see you again, be it this side of the law, then we know we've made a change.

We make ourselves completely available to every client. Our motto is, "Never leave your defendant to the wolves."

We truly care about your case and how it affects your job, family, and, overall livelihood. Know you may count on our agents and licensed Bail Bondsman in Wyoming, throughout the entire process.

Contact us at 307-216-2245 for professional assistance from a licensed bail bondsman in Wyoming.