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Wyoming Bail Agency Is Now Offering Agent Contracts
Join us to learn the fun , rewarding, and exciting career of being a Bail Agent.

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a Bail Agent, or even better yet, a "Bounty Hunter"? Well now's your chance. Wyoming Bail Agency is now offering Agent Contracts for all of Wyoming. If you live in Wyoming, you can become a contracted agent for WBA. Want to learn more? Call 307-216-2245.

Our Goal?

By enlisting Agents through out the State, WBA is striving to become the top provider in Bail for the entire State of Wyoming. With our knowledge, agility, and experience, we know we will be Wyomings Top Tier Bail Provider.

We will train every Agent, to know what it is EXACTLY, to be a Bail Agent. From posting Bail too Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery. By being apart of WBA, you are sure to be apart of one of the best Bail Providers in the State.

Our Belief?

There are virtually Four types of Agents within the realm of ALL Bail Careers.

1.) Bail Bondsman.

A Bail Bondsman, is typically your standard Bail Bondsman, you contact them to arrange Bail, they come and Bail your Defendant out, and that is that. You never see or hear from them again unless the Defendant misses court, and then the Bail Bondsman comes to collect their money.

2.) Bail Enforcement Agent.

A Bail Enforcement Agent, is usually a person hired by a Bail Bondsman to keep tabs on defendants in order to prevent any short comings. They may make visits to houses, call defendants to remind them of court dates, and file Bail Bondsman paperwork. They may even, at times, be required to locate defendants and return them to court, as would a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent would.

3.) Fugitive Recovery Agents a.k.a. Bounty Hunters

Depending on who you talk to, each may claim to be Agents of different facts. However, in our eyes they are the same. These agents are typically a Bail Bondsman last resort to returning a defendant to court. If and when a Bail Bondsman even really cares to have their defendant returned to court, based off if the Bondsman was able to recoup the bail from a co-signer or not.

While there are many good Agents in this line, many unexperienced and unprofessional people within the industry dubbing themselves Agents, have given both these sorts of Agents bad names. And in our eyes there is still nothing more professional than becoming and being a Bail Agent. Which brings us to our fourth and last type of Agent.

4.) The Bail Agent

The Bail Agent, last but not least, does it all. They handle every in and out of the Bail Process. Not only that, but that are also PROFESSIONALS; and absolutely always hold themselves in the accordance of absolute professionalism, no matter the circumstance. We believe these agents out rank that of any agent to be, including the Bondsman. And this is EXACTLY what we train our Agents to be.

So are you ready, and do you think you have what it takes to be one of the Top Tier Agents within the Bail Industry and in Wyoming? If so, fill the form to become an agent of WBA, and get ready for the demanding, but rewarding ride of a life time.

Why Us? Because of What we Offer

We have Wyomings only Electronic Bail System. Each one of our clients has the ability to completely arrange bail right from their home computer or smart phone. In fact we're almost certain there's not another system alike within the entire nation.

What else does this mean?

This not only means that we have a leading edge against all of our competitors, but it also means we have something else to offer to our Bail Agents, and that's technology.

  • Electronic Dispatching
  • Electronic Defendant Tracking<
  • Electronic Invoicing and Payments
  • Electronic Contracts
  • Everything is Fully Digital Electronic.