Launching Bail for Tails at the Casper Humane Society

We are pleased to have launched the "Bail for Tails" program.  This is just one exciting way we are trying to give back to the community and do what we love so much, which is Bail Bonds and Animals.

Bail for Tails is being made possible in cooperation with the Casper Humane Society and Animal Shelter.

Casper Humane Society is Caspers local 'non-profit', 'no-kill' animal shelter.

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Every week we will set a new Bail for a new Tail, and each week will give half that bail to the Casper Humane Society; and the other half in Petco gift card to the new family.

Week 1 was 'Pickles'

Pickles is a 12 yr old Female Pitt, who was recently just adopted by a new family and named her Penny.

Week 2 was 'Quincy'

Quincy is a 12 year old Siamese kitty, who is still up for adoption and looking for a forever home at this very moment.  We would love to see Quincy go to a nice comfortable home for the rest of his years.

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