The Constitution of Wyoming

The Constitution of Wyoming

Article 1, Section 14 of the Wyoming Constitution


All persons shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses when the proof is evident or the presumption great. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor shall cruel or unusual punishment be inflicted.

If you have further questions about the Right to Bail in Wyoming you should contact an attorney. An attorney may be appointed if one cannot be afforded by the defendant. We have provided a link to the Wyoming State Bar.

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The Wyoming State Bar

The Bar also, "facilitates the provision of quality legal services, and assists attorneys in the professional practice of law."

Wyoming Bail Bonds™ may not refer you or anyone to any one single attorney, but we could possibly refer you to a few we may know of in your area.

The Wyoming State Bar does provide attorney referrals to those needing legal counsel. You may find the Wyoming State Bar referral link below.